Download version 1.3 (updated 06/09/2007)

MakeLogos is a command line tool for converting graphics files into logo files suitable for use with MyStuff, UKTimers, Archive, Surfer and AutoSearch.

It can process gif, png, jpeg and pcx files and will output a logo.dat or smlogo.dat file. It can also run in extract mode to create png files from a logo file, handy if you don't have source graphics available.


Process all png files

makelogos *.png

Process all gif and pcx files with a name beginning UI and output backup_logo.dat

makelogos -obackup_logo.dat *.gif UI*.pcx

Extract graphics from logo.dat and put them in the source_graphics directory

makelogos logo.dat -x -dsource_graphics

Also included is a batch file that will build the logo files required by MyStuff and copy them to the Toppy. Just place the desired source logos in the two subdirectories (examples included) and run the batch file. You will need Aldarin's TFCopy for the copy to Toppy feature.

Source Code

Source can be found at


The logo utilities use the FreeImage library for graphics loading which can be found at


1.3Padding line make black rather than transparent
1.2Extract option added
1.1Better support for transparency
1.0Initial release

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