Windows Shell Extension for REC and TAP files

Download version 1.7 (updated 30/01/2011)

RecShellExt is a shell extension that allows Windows Explorer to display details from the header of Topfield REC files, TAP files and TFP files. For REC files, the extension adds

Recording information is mapped to existing fields In Details view, the additional columns are

Column NameContains
AuthorChannel Name
TitleProgramme Title
SubjectProgramme Description
CommentsExtended Description
DurationProgram Duration.

The extension is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.


1.7Added support for Vista and Windows 7
1.6Added support for 5700 models.
Added Revision Number to TFP files
1.5Added TFP file support.
1.4Windows Vista support and a brand new installer.
1.3Added bitrate and support for non 5800 models.
1.2Added TAP file support.
1.1Added XP infotips, tile view and details pane.
1.0Initial release.

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