Power Down

Download version 0.74 (updated 08/08/2007)

Power Down replaces the Toppy menu that appears when you press Standby during a recording with a more user friendly soft standby mode. All channel activity is stopped and a blank screen is shown. Pressing Standby again reactivates the current channels.

Options Screen

You need to be running TAP Commander or TSR Commander to access the options screen.

Scheduling shutdowns, reboots and other things

PowerDown includes a scheduler that can be used to shut down, reboot or adjust system settings at particular times of the day or after a period of user inactivity. PowerDown.ini is used to specify the scheduling and contains comment lines starting with ; or an event line. It must be placed in /ProgramFiles/Settings.

Event lines contain 5 vertical bar delimited fields: Event type | Channel(s) | Time(s) | Idle time | Day

Event type

Either short name or long name can be used.

Short name Long name


*All channels
1Single channel
300-303A range of channels


*All the time
01:00A specific time (for S and R events)
00:00-06:00A time range (for T and M events)

Idle Time

Idle time is the time in minutes since a remote keypress before an event can be activated. It can be left blank if not required.


MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SUA single day
EDEvery day

Each line is processed in order of appearence, so events at the bottom of the file override events at the top. See the zip for an example.


Just place in your ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder.

Any problems? Contact me via the forums at toppy.org.uk .