Description Extender

Download version 2.23 (updated 05/01/2008)

As a result of major changes in many of the firmwares released since the start of 2008, Description Extender is no longer under active development. In many cases it can be replaced by the more efficient DescExt firmware patch, although some TAPs may not yet support the patch yet.

Description Extender extends the EPG programme description text that is visible to TAPs by returning a longer programme description (up to 256 characters) in the EPG extended data.

There options screen can only be accessed using TAP Commander or TSR Commander. The 2 available options are:

The TAP can also be stopped using TAP Commander or TSR Commander.


2.2Alternate character set support.
Masterpeice compatible options screen.
TF5700HDMI genre support.
2.1Auto detect new firmware.
2.0Support for a rash of new firmwares too numerous to mention.
New options screen.
1.6Support for 5800 19/09/2006 (13.26) firmware.
Fixes missing genre information.
1.5Fixes a bug in extended information support for 5800 12.88 firmware.
1.4Support for 5800 14/07/2006 (12.88) firmware.
1.3Support for latest 5100 firmware.
1.2Support for TF5100 Masterpiece and Procaster models.
Additional version for EPGs where programme description flows into the extended information.
1.1Support for additional models and firmware versions.
1.0Initial release

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