Remote Extender

Download version 1.5 (updated 03/03/2007)

The non Toppy2 version of Remote Extender is no longer under active development and can be replaced by the more efficient RemExt firmware patch, although some TAPs may not yet support the patch yet.

Remote Extender is a TAP that, whilst running, patches the firmware to allow TAPs to interpret extra remote codes from programmable remotes. On the TF5800 it also allows TAPs to distinguish between TV/Radio and List, and the arrow keys and volume and channel keys. The most common use of Remote Extender is to allow the MyStuff Info Box to behave more intuitively.

At any time, you can shut down Remote Extender by pressing the front panel OK button 5 times in succession. This is a good way to revert to the standard remote if you're running the Toppy2 version of Remote Extender.

The options screen for configuring Remote Extender can only be accessed using TAP Commander or TSR Commander. The available options are:

The TAP can also be stopped using TAP Commander or TSR Commander.

Toppy2 Version

Toppy2 will be of interest to people with 2 Topfield PVRs. It translates codes from a programmable remote into standard Topfield commands to allow you to operate each independently. All buttons except Power are supported.


No configuration is necessary, just place your chosen version in the Auto Start directory.


1.5Auto detect new firmware.
Zero key aspect ratio switching disable mode.
Options screen.
1.4Support for 5800 21/12/2006 (13.39) firmware.
1.3Support for 5800 18/08/2006 (12.99) firmware.
1.2Support for 5800 19/09/2006 (13.26) firmware.
1.1Support for 5800 14/07/2006 (12.88) firmware.
1.0Initial release.

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